Rocket Artists in Brighton Museum

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A year ago in October I began my ‘working together’ with the Rocket Artists at Brighton Museum…

Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums

The Rocket Artists are a group of Arts Council funded learning-disabled artists based in Brighton. The Rocket Artists regularly work with University of Brighton students on the M.A. Inclusive Arts Practice.

For the past three years the Rocket Artists and MA IAP students have been able to work together in Brighton Museum, gathering ideas and creating artworks inspired by the collections. The museum provides the Rockets with the space to develop ways of working together over several weekly workshops. The diverse and accessible collections in the galleries provide a rich resource to gather inspiration.

The Rocket Artists have connected with the collections through printmaking, drawing and performance. MA IAP students and Rocket Artists are supported to work collaboratively, exploring shared working processes as well as their responses to the artefacts and histories on display.

They used flatpack cardboard stools as portable seating and as notebooks for capturing ideas from…

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