Some of the parts…

I play many parts in my role as an inclusive artist. These are some moments I experienced recently that reminded me of the constantly shifting roles I play at the ‘pop-up studio’ (and back in the ‘art cave’!)

Published by eturnerlee

I am an artist. I currently work in textiles (quilting) and run inclusive art workshops.

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    1. Yes! Thanks. It’s an amazing job! It’s one that I’ve created myself through an extraordinary series of events which I’m planning to put together in a graphic novel one day! This is me warming up!

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  1. I love your posts. I find it so inspiring the way you keep sketching every day wherever you are! Looking at your posts is a bit like reading a graphic memoir (my favourite kind of book). I think it’s such a wonderful way to share your life with people near and far. Keep it up! 😊👍


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