Some of the parts…

I play many parts in my role as an inclusive artist. These are some moments I experienced recently that reminded me of the constantly shifting roles I play at the ‘pop-up studio’ (and back in the ‘art cave’!)

News update from the art cave…

Can’t believe a month has gone by since I last posted! I’ve been hard at it taking the Art Lady pop-up studio on the road for creative art workshops.

Here are some pictures of the wonderful work made at some of the sessions…

…and I was thrilled to learn a new technique from a visitor to the pop-up studio table at Robert Lodge in Whitehawk last week…

We’re in the paper!

Yes indeed!

Charlotte Harding has written this wonderful article in The Brighton and Hove Independent about our art group!

If you’re in Brighton or Hove this week you can pick up a copy in the library and some shops (I think Hisbes might be one?)

‘Still’ life?

I’ve just started exploring animation (or is this stop motion?🤔)

Anyway here’s one of my first attempts. It’s great fun but takes ages to execute!

I got thinking about the whole moving picture thing… more like life which is forever changing in spite of our attempts to nail it down!

Art groups recommended ‘as a cure for loneliness’

Newspaper cutting taken from the i this week and pasted into my journal…

We flew to the end of the rainbow…


Yes! We really did!

The cliffs of Alum bay on the Isle of Wight are famous for their different colours. A friend asked me to bring back a vial of the famous rainbow sand.

The journey down to the beach via the chair lift was absolutely terrifying! Once we got there I was amazed to discover that even the pebbles on the beach have rainbows so I filled my pockets and brought some back.


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