Art groups recommended ‘as a cure for loneliness’

Newspaper cutting taken from the i this week and pasted into my journal…

We flew to the end of the rainbow…


Yes! We really did!

The cliffs of Alum bay on the Isle of Wight are famous for their different colours. A friend asked me to bring back a vial of the famous rainbow sand.

The journey down to the beach via the chair lift was absolutely terrifying! Once we got there I was amazed to discover that even the pebbles on the beach have rainbows so I filled my pockets and brought some back.


The fruits of our labours

Looking forward to exhibiting along with my husband Patrick Turner-Lee and my mum, Susan Udale at Brighton Jubilee library from 10th-16th September.

Susan is a textile artist and Patrick paints in oils.

I will be exhibiting some of the original artwork from my ongoing Instagram project for the first time!

If you’re in Brighton do come and see us!

The Dragon Gate

The Dragon gate-1

Continuing on our adventure into the unknown, we passed the Dragon Gate….

A WATERFALL called the Dragon Gate exists in China. Its waters plunge a hundred feet, swifter than an arrow shot by a strong warrior. It is said that a great many carp gather in the basin below, hoping to climb the falls, and that any that succeeds will turn into a dragon. Not a single carp, however, out of a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand, can climb the falls, not even after ten or twenty years. Some are swept away by the strong currents, some fall prey to eagles, hawks, kites, and owls, and others are netted, scooped up, or even shot with arrows by fishermen who line both banks of the falls ten chō long. Such is the difficulty a carp faces in becoming a dragon.

[extract from The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol 1, pg 1002]

As you can see, this one managed it!



Spring into…British summer time…

…and before we know it, those long summer evenings are waxing again.

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