Some quilts are for sale.

I created these wall hangings and bed covers from 100% recycled fabric over the last few years. I consider this collection to be my debut into the world of quilting. 

I lovingly sewed each piece by hand using the traditional hand sewn method of patchwork (known as ‘English paper piecing’) which I learned from my mum. While I made them, I studied some of the designs and processes of traditional patchwork. 

I worked for several months to create each quilt from start to finish. I enjoy this slow, reflective way of working that can be picked up and put away according to the time I have available without pressure. 

I have always enjoyed making things. I particularly love quilts for their tactile, practical and resilient qualities. I love the fact that they can be beautiful art objects displayed on the wall or used to provide warmth and comfort when thrown over your knees, a chair or a bed. It’s important to me that they can be easily accommodated, unlike some of the other things I made during my years as a fine artist, they can be washed in a washing machine, folded up and put away with the household linen. 

In the process of creating these pieces, I have continually asked myself why the act of making is so important to me. I have come to understand that creativity is one of the ways that I deepen my connections with people. To me, happiness lies in the ‘creation of value’. I learned this from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda. It gives me great satisfaction to create something new that is complete, ‘whole’ and substantial out of disparate and otherwise unwanted materials that may otherwise be destined for landfill.

Quilted wall hangings for sale.

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