‘Still’ life?

I’ve just started exploring animation (or is this stop motion?🤔) Anyway here’s one of my first attempts. It’s great fun but takes ages to execute! I got thinking about the whole moving picture thing… more like life which is forever changing in spite of our attempts to nail it down!

The Dragon Gate

Continuing on our adventure into the unknown, we passed the Dragon Gate…. A WATERFALL called the Dragon Gate exists in China. Its waters plunge a hundred feet, swifter than an arrow shot by a strong warrior. It is said that a great many carp gather in the basin below, hoping to climb the falls, and […]

‘Last Words’ at Cartoon County…

Thank you Myfanwy for inviting Siiri Viljakka and Lauri Tuomi-Nikula to tell us about thier wonderful book! Beautiful artwork with a humane and valuable message…can’t wait to settle down and read mine!